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Ready to Invest? Know These 6 Opportunities to Start a Business in Indonesia 2024


February 18, 2024


Indonesia’s economic landscape is blossoming, presenting a wealth of opportunities for regional and global investors. Lauded as one of Asia’s most attractive business destinations, the nation boasts an abundance of natural resources, a dynamic and technically skilled workforce, and a vast, growing domestic and regional market. Notably, Indonesia’s GDP has demonstrated resilience, experiencing strong growth even amidst the global pandemic downturn.

Reasons to Invest in Indonesia

  1. Economic Powerhouse
    With the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 16th largest globally, Indonesia possesses an impressive GDP exceeding US$1 trillion.
  2. Robust Growth Trajectory
    Buoyed by government-driven initiatives promoting domestic and foreign investment, Indonesia’s market exports are projected to reach US$300 billion by 2024, according to Reuters.
  3. Favorable Business Environment
    The Indonesian government’s commitment to economic reforms, coupled with a young, educated workforce and a strategic Southeast Asian location, creates a fertile ground for businesses.
  4. Demographic Dividend
    As of 2023, 68.1% of Indonesia’s population falls within the prime working age of 15-64, offering a substantial talent pool for diverse industries.
  5. Enhanced Connectivity
    Multiple special economic zones (SEZs) and active participation in ASEAN foster increased regional and international trade, solidifying Indonesia’s economic potential.

6 industry opportunities to invest in Indonesia 2024

Summarizing from Forbes, below is the list of 6 business industries that will leverage more profit in 2024.

Financial Technology & E-Commerce

Indonesia’s vast population and underserved segments present a fertile ground for fintech solutions. Despite low financial inclusion, cashless payments see steady progress. The thriving startup ecosystem fosters innovation, particularly in payment solutions, addressing logistical challenges and catering to a growing middle class.


Indonesia’s archipelagic geography necessitates optimized logistics across various modes. This creates a dynamic market for companies innovating in this area. Additionally, abundant resources and a strong manufacturing base position Indonesia as a potential hub for electric vehicle production, fueled by government support and rising demand.

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Renewable Energy & Waste Management

Indonesia boasts diverse renewable energy sources like geothermal, hydro, and solar power. Growing investment in energy efficiency promises a greener future. However, transitioning away from traditional fossil fuels like coal remains a key challenge. Addressing plastic waste, especially in coastal cities, necessitates innovative solutions from startups and established players.

Education Technology

Despite a sizable education system, a skills gap exists in Indonesia. This gap translates into a significant opportunity for EdTech companies offering full courses, online tutoring, and self-learning options to help the workforce of tomorrow acquire relevant skills.


Universal healthcare coverage has increased access to medical services, leading to growth opportunities for hospitals and medical businesses. However, challenges like provider shortages, accessibility issues, and disparities in care require innovative solutions, with telemedicine emerging as a promising avenue due to the geographically dispersed population.

Halal Goods & Technology

As the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, Indonesia boasts a massive demand for halal products and services. Its expertise in Islamic banking, fintech, and halal goods manufacturing positions it as a potential leader in this rapidly growing market.

Already made your business decision? These 5 cities might be a potential spot to set up a business in Indonesia

Indonesian Cities beckon businesses with diverse opportunities. The following cities could become your next destination to start a profitable business in Indonesia according to your type of business.


This bustling metropolis offers a dynamic environment for businesses across retail, food & beverage, technology, manufacturing, and tourism. Careful location selection and product/service definition are crucial for success.


A thriving city with a rich history, Palembang presents opportunities in the tourism, food, and retail sectors. Its growing economy attracts investors, particularly in the development of new shopping malls.


As Indonesia’s smart city, Makassar embraces technology and innovation. Small businesses are thriving, with vertical farms and data-driven economic support programs demonstrating its forward-thinking approach. This city is ideal for those seeking a collaborative environment with seamless cross-border payment processes.


This tourist haven offers a thriving business hub as well. Its large population, diverse culinary scene, and bustling retail options make it ideal for restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. The city’s constant influx of tourists ensures a fertile ground for success in various sectors.


Known for its agriculture and research, Bogor presents opportunities in these fields, particularly in coffee production. With government support and potential for technological integration, this city welcomes innovative solutions for sustainable agricultural development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most nationalities require a visa to enter Indonesia. Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality and length of stay. We recommend checking with the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your home country for the latest information.

There are two main types of business entities in Indonesia:

  • PT PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing): Foreign-owned company with majority foreign ownership.
  • PT PMDN (Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri): Domestic company with majority Indonesian ownership.

Our consultants can help you choose the right type of entity for your business needs.

The Indonesian tax system can be complex. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor to understand your specific obligations. However, we can provide general information about corporate income tax, personal income tax, and value-added tax (VAT).

Obtaining business licenses in Indonesia can be a time-consuming and complex process. Our agents can help you navigate the process and ensure you obtain the necessary licenses for your business.

Navigating the Indonesian market can be challenging for foreign businesses. Agents can provide invaluable assistance by:

Local Expertise: Our agents have deep knowledge of Indonesian culture, regulations, and business practices.

Efficiency and Speed: We can help you avoid delays and simplify the entry process.

Cost Savings: We can negotiate better deals with local suppliers and service providers.

Risk Mitigation: We can help you identify and manage potential risks associated with entering the Indonesian market.