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Understanding KITAP in Indonesia

The KITAP, or Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap, is a permanent stay permit issued by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals. This permit grants holders the right to reside in Indonesia for an indefinite period, provided they meet certain requirements and adhere to local regulations.

What is KITAP and how long will it let us stay?

KITAP allows foreign nationals to reside in Indonesia indefinitely, offering a long-term solution for those seeking to establish roots or pursue opportunities in the country. Unlike temporary permits such as KITAS, which require periodic renewals, KITAP holders enjoy greater stability and flexibility in their stay.

The Indonesian government grants the Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap (KITAP), or Permanent Stay Permit, only to foreigners who have already established residency by holding a Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara (KITAS), or Limited Stay Permit. Additionally, strict eligibility criteria ensure the responsible issuance of this long-term residency status. Here’s a breakdown of who qualifies for a KITAP in Indonesia:

  • Spouses of Indonesian Citizens: Foreigners married to an Indonesian citizen for at least two years, holding a spouse-sponsored KITAS, can apply for a KITAP.
  • Foreign Investors: Foreigners serving as directors or commissioners in a Limited Liability Company (PT PMA) with a valid Indonesian investor visa for three consecutive years are eligible.
  • Retirees: Foreigners holding an Indonesian retirement visa and intending to reside permanently in the country can apply for a KITAP.
  • Indonesian Citizenship Regain: Individuals regaining their Indonesian citizenship can also apply for a KITAP.

Key Benefits of Spouse KITAP in Indonesia

One significant benefit of KITAP is its availability to spouses of Indonesian citizens. Spouse KITAP holders are entitled to the same rights and privileges as Indonesian citizens, fostering familial unity and providing a pathway to long-term residency in Indonesia. Moreover, Spouse KITAP facilitates seamless integration into Indonesian society, enabling spouses to participate fully in cultural, social, and economic activities.

Important Points to Remember about KITAP in Indonesia

  • Applicants must already hold a valid KITAS before applying for a KITAP.
  • Specific documentation and requirements vary depending on the eligibility category.
  • Consulting with immigration professionals is highly recommended for navigating the application process.

Other Requirements to Earn KITAP

To qualify for KITAP, applicants must meet specific criteria set forth by Indonesian immigration authorities. These requirements may include a minimum period of residency in Indonesia, evidence of financial stability, and a clean criminal record. Applicants must also demonstrate their commitment to contributing positively to Indonesian society and culture.

Converting KITAS to KITAP

For individuals already holding a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit), the process of converting to KITAP presents a viable option for long-term residency in Indonesia. The conversion process involves fulfilling additional requirements and submitting the necessary documentation to the immigration authorities. Professional assistance from reputable agencies such as Come Visit Indonesia can streamline the conversion process and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

How to Apply for a KITAP

The application process for KITAP typically involves the following steps:

  1. Seek professional advice and consultation regarding investment opportunities and visa requirements in Indonesia.

  2. Prepare all necessary documents, including investment proposals, financial statements, and personal identification documents.

  3. Submit the completed application and attach all the required documents. Check with our professional consultants to ensure your document is complete.

  4. Await the review and approval of the visa application by the immigration authorities.

  5. Upon approval, the visa will be issued, granting the investor permission to reside and invest in Indonesia.

    Document Requirements to Apply for KITAP

    General Requirements:

    • Valid and current National Passport;
    • Declaration of integration, except for children under 18 years of age and unmarried
    • The relevant Foreigner’s Stay Permit (ITAS), if the applicant converts from ITAS to ITAP
    • Proof of guarantee from the Sponsor, if applicable
    • Identity card and/or family card of the Sponsor or Person Responsible, if applicable
    • Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) for spouse, husband, father, mother, or child, in case of joining spouse, husband, father, mother, or child of ITAP holder

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the validity period of KITAP in Indonesia?

    KITAP grants indefinite residency in Indonesia, providing holders with long-term stability and flexibility in their stay.

    Can KITAP holders work in Indonesia?

    Yes, KITAP holders are eligible to work in Indonesia without the need for additional work permits.

    Are there any restrictions on travel for KITAP holders?

    KITAP holders enjoy unrestricted travel within Indonesia and can travel abroad freely with the appropriate travel documentation.

    Can family members of KITAP holders apply for residency in Indonesia?

    Family members of KITAP holders may be eligible for dependent visas, allowing them to reside in Indonesia under the sponsorship of the primary KITAP holder.

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