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Understanding Work Visa (KITAS) in Indonesia

Are you eyeing Indonesia as your next career move? Welcome to the land of opportunities!

The Working KITAS, or Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, is your official pass to legally work and stay in Indonesia. It’s a limited stay permit that allows you to explore the Indonesian job market. With a Working KITAS in hand, you can stay and pursue your professional dreams in this vibrant archipelago for a specified duration.

Typically, a Working KITAS grants foreigners the opportunity to reside and work in Indonesia for up to 12 months. But fear not, extensions are possible, ensuring you can continue your Indonesian adventure without interruption.

Key Benefits of Working Stay Permit in Indonesia

The perks of holding a Working KITAS are plenty, as it allows you to:

  1. Say goodbye to sneaky workarounds and hello to legitimate employment. With a Working KITAS, you can legally work and earn income in Indonesia without any hassle.
  2. No more worrying about your visa status. The Working KITAS provides you with the stability and peace of mind you need to focus on your career goals.
  3. Indonesia is a land of endless possibilities. With a Working KITAS, you can tap into its dynamic job market, network with professionals, and pave the way for your career advancement.
  4. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture and lifestyle. From bustling cities to serene beaches, Indonesia offers a diverse and vibrant environment for you to explore.

Important Points to Remember

Before you take the plunge, here are a few key points to keep in mind:


RPTKA is a document on planning the use of foreign workers that must be owned by investment activities (PMA and PMDN) that use foreign workers in their business activities. Meanwhile, IMTA is a document that must be owned by investment activities (PMA and PMDN) that will use foreign workers in their investment activities in Indonesian territory. Furthermore, these documents must be submitted according to the following provisions:

  • RPTKA submission to the Ministry of Manpower by the employers
  • IMTA application by the employer once RPTKA is approved

Keep yourself updated on any changes or updates to Indonesian immigration policies and procedures to navigate the system smoothly.

Work Visa and Working Permit: What are the differences?

You might be wondering about the distinction between a Work Visa and a Working Permit. Here’s the lowdown:

  • The Working visa / KITAS is the physical residence and work permit card issued to expatriates, allowing them to legally reside and work in Indonesia.
  • A Working Permit, on the other hand, refers to the official authorization granted by Indonesian authorities for expatriates to work in specific roles or industries within the country.

In essence, the Working KITAS is your all-access pass to working and staying in Indonesia, while the Working Permit specifies the terms and conditions of your employment.

  1. How to Apply for a Working KITAS

    The application process for Working KITAS typically involves the following steps:

    1. Seek professional advice and consultation regarding investment opportunities and visa requirements in Indonesia.

    2. Prepare all necessary documents, including investment proposals, financial statements, and personal identification documents.

    3. Submit the completed application and attach all the required documents. Check with our professional consultants to ensure your document is complete.

    4. Await the review and approval of the visa application by the immigration authorities.

    5. Upon approval, the visa will be issued, granting the investor permission to reside and invest in Indonesia.

    Having a broad knowledge of the local regulations, Come Visit Indonesia can provide consultations tailored to your needs. In addition to work permits and KITAS, our team can also advise an Investor KITAS. Indonesian Investor KITAS offers significant benefits, including ease of application and a work permit fee waiver.

Document Requirements

To ensure a smooth application process, here’s a checklist of essential documents you’ll need for your Working KITAS:

  1. Valid passport with at least 18 months validity.
  2. Signed employment contract detailing your position, salary, and duration of employment.
  3. Copies of your educational certificates and qualifications.
  4. Proof of health insurance coverage is valid in Indonesia.
  5. Letter of sponsorship from your employer in Indonesia.
  6. Recent passport-sized photos following Indonesian immigration requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working and Investing in Indonesia as Expatriate

  1. What is KITAS?

    If you want to live or work in Indonesia, you will need something called a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas), which is a Residence Permit Card for a temporary stay permit.
  2. Can I start my own business in Indonesia as an expatriate?

    Absolutely! Expatriates are permitted to establish their own businesses in Indonesia, subject to certain regulations and requirements.
  3. Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership of businesses in Indonesia?

    While certain industries have restrictions on foreign ownership, Indonesia generally welcomes foreign investment across various sectors.
  4. Can I bring my family with me while working in Indonesia?

    Yes, expatriates holding a Working KITAS can apply for dependent visas for their family members to accompany them in Indonesia.
  5. What are the tax implications for expatriates working in Indonesia?

    Expatriates working in Indonesia are subject to Indonesian tax regulations, including income tax and other applicable taxes.
  6. Is it mandatory to have a local sponsor for my Working KITAS?

    Yes, a local sponsor, typically your employer in Indonesia, is required to sponsor your Working KITAS application.
  7. Is a Working Visa extendable?

    Yes, you can extend your Working Visa. The Visa extension can be renewed annually, but you will need help to prepare all the required documents before proceeding. Speaking to a reliable Immigration consultant may eliminate the complex parts to ensure you can focus on your career in Indonesia while having your visa processed.

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